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 We are a USDA Class T Carrier ground pet transportation company who make every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of your pal during their trip. For a quote or to schedule pet transportation, call, text or email us:


                         David Rosenthal,  Tel: 985-516-6713; Email: Prolinepetexpress@yahoo.com


Updated 04/07/20  NEXT RUN BEGINS APRIL 26TH, 2020


We apologize for undue delays in our service!



  COVID-19 UPDATE: Proline Pet Express is currently montoring the virus pandemic and have taken                                                                     measures to insure safety to customers and pets. We are taking extra measures to                                                             keep our van, crates and equipment sterilized using Tek-Trol and Lysol Disinfectents                                                           daily. We ask our customers to wash your animal before pick up. We ask to keep the                                                           6 feet distancing during the meet and greet. Pets will be handed off in a safe and secure manor.

                                 We wear latex gloves and mask when meeting for your safety. We wash our hands and use wipes                                     during the trip. We are monitoring State, City and County closures.


                                 Pet Shipping is considered ESSENTIAL CARGO but may be disputed by some states. I am                                               working with agencies to include all states. 










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